Saturday, June 17, 2017

Are the Confederate Statue Desecrators Neo-Nazis?

The funny thing, they like to compare slavery with the Holocaust.  Slavery definitely was not the Holocaust.  They like to refer to Confederate supporters as Neo-Confederates, a play on the Neo-Nazi image.  But, perhaps they are actually more the Neo-Nazis.

From Reddit Ask historians"  Did the Nazis ever destroy ancient and/or culturally significant buildings and sites the same way ISIS is currently going about destroying important buildings in Syria, such as Palmyra?

Much like what the Anti-Confederate Desecrators are doing with our heritage?

Two historians answered:

**  One said that Paris was to be destroyed when the Germans lost it.  But the German commander disobeyed Hitler's orders.  And that was to be the whole city.

**  Destruction of monuments and art took two different forms with the Nazis.  One was to humiliate and culturally destroy occupied people.  A second instance was the destruction of captured and German art and monuments to prevent their capture.

I thought the attacks on the Confederate Flag were bad enough, but this new wave against our monuments is taking it to a Neo-Nazi level.

How did that old TV game show go?  "Will the REAL Neo-Nazis please stand up!""

So, Who Are the Neo-Nazis?  I Believe THEY Are.  --  Old Secesh

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