Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New Orleans Murders for 2017, So Far

It is kind of interesting to note that even though the racist killer in Charleston, S.C. killed nine innocent people, Blacks kill far more other Blacks than that across the United States and on a weekly basis, especially in Chicago.

So far, in 2017, there have been 85 murders in New Orleans, mostly Blacks, judging from where the killings take place.  For 2016, the number was 175.  Again, mostly Blacks killing Blacks.

And most of the Blacks were killed by other Blacks.

Not one of those three Confederate statues are suspected of any of the killings.  Nor are any Confederate Flags, but police are investigating.

And Blacks Are Really Hurt By Anything Confederate.

You Just Never Know When One of Those Racist Statues or Flags Will Go On a Killing Spree.  --Old Secesh

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