Friday, June 2, 2017

I've Decided to Call All These Anti-Confederate Attacks The Civil War II

Way back before Charleston, I was calling these assaults Heritage Attacks.  After Charleston, I switched to The Confederacy Under Attack.

Last month I was thinking of abbreviating Confederacy Under Attack to C.U.A..  That just didn't sit well with me.  What is a CUA?

At least for now, I will call these Civil War II.  Just as in the case of World War II, this is the second attack on the Confederacy, this time from Blacks and their allied Whites (especially Southern whites).

There's a war going on, though we didn't declare it.  What we are doing, at this point is defending our heritage from these malicious affronts.

I will continue using the numbers I was using for the Confederacy Under Attack and C.U.A..  And, besides Civil War II, you can look up past heritage attacks under Confederacy Under Attack in the labels area.

--Old Secesh

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