Friday, June 23, 2017

Fort Warren in Boston Harbor-- Part 1: Prison During the War

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In one of yesterday's posts I mentioned where the governor of Massachusetts was in favor of removing a plaque at historic Fort Warren on Georges Island in the harbor.  This plaque commemorates the Confederates held prisoner there during the war.  This is a huge case of overkill.

I have been writing a lot about the fort that guarded Boston in the War of 1812 which was originally named Fort Warren (after the American Revolution hero) but which lost the name when this new fort was built.

The new Fort Warren still  stands and is where the plaque is located.  Since it is on an island, the only way to get to it is by boat or helicopter, so not many, other than history buffs and especially Civil War people, would go out to it.  Most Americans just aren't interested in history, especially the anti-Confederate ones, many of whom just jump on any bandwagon that comes along.

I have written about Confederates held prisoner at Fort Warren in my Running the Blockade Civil War Naval Blog.

--Old Secesh

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