Thursday, June 1, 2017

Here's a Guy Who Tells It Like It Is-- Part 2: Both Sides Committed Atrocities

3. Many different ethnicities fought for the Confederacy including Irish, Scots-Irish, Africans (both slave and free), Jews, Cherokees, Seminoles and Tejanos.

4.  The South did fight for States Rights, but unfortunately the right to keep slaves was one of them.  (Had it not been for this, life would be so much easier today.)

5.  The Confederate government was more concerned about the privileges of the planter elite than the rights and woes of the common farmer.  (I couldn't agree with this more.  Plus, slaves were what enabled the rich to keep control of the state governments.)

6.  Both the North and the South committed atrocities.  I will not glorify or demonize South or North, but I will remember all those who lived, fought, sacrificed and died in the American Civil War, both soldiers and civilians, slave and free, Southerners and Northerners.  Tell me the name of any war in which atrocities weren't committed on both sides.

Samuel Dawson Greenstone

I Liked What This Man Had to Say.  --Old Secesh

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