Thursday, August 3, 2017

What's the Latest Murder Count in Chicago?

From the Hey Jackass Illustrating Chicago values site.

Killed and Wounded for July 2017:  70 killed, 355 wounded

Killed and Wounded for This Week 7/30-8/5:  3 killed, 40 wounded

Killed and Wounded for 2017 so far:  384 killed, 1834 wounded.  Kind of looks like after-battle casualty reports.  What is this?  The Battle of Chicago?

The three most murderous 'Hoods are Austin, North Lawndale and Englewood.  All of these are black neighborhoods.

Most of the murdered and wounded victims are Black.  Most of the shooters are also Black.

No Confederate statues, monuments or memorials are suspects according to the police.

And Yet, the NAACP Is All Hot and Bothered About Any and All Things Confederate.  Looks To Me Like Their People Killing and Shooting Each Other Should Be More of a Problem Than Confederate Flags and Statues.  --Old Secesh

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