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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Civil War II-- 525: And Now, Oregon State University

From the July 23, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Oregon State debates buildings with controversial namesakes.  (Oregon)  (Loss)  And, of course you know what the "controversial" is all about.  The "C" word, you know.  And, of course, the "S" word.

This is all against people accused of having racist ideas,  Excuse me, I forgot the "R" word.  It is OK to be a Black and a racist, but not to be White and a racist.  That is another of the "N" word things, you know.  OK for one group to be it or say it.  Not OK for another group to say it or be it.

**  The Arnold Dining Center was named for Benjamin Arnold, the 2nd president of OSU.  He was a former Confederate soldier and required students to wear a gray uniform.

**  Avery Lodge named for Joseph C. Avery, founder of the city of Corvallis, where OSU is located, and ran a pro-slavery newspaper.

**  Benton Hall  The article didn't mention who it was named after and I couldn't find him either.  Benton hall is the oldest building on campus and the original administration building.

**  Gill Colesium was named for Armory "Slats" Gill, former basketball coach accused of segregating his team.

People That Important In Your History and a Big reason You Exist At All..  Ridiculous.  --Old Secesh

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