Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mort Kunstler's Civil War Calendar, August 2017: Rendezvous With Destiny-- Gen. John Buford at Gettysburg


Gen. John Buford at Gettysburg, June 30, 1863.

Robert E. Lee's Army  of Northern Virginia was converging on strategically located Gettysburg, and so was the Union army.

On June 30, the day before the battle began, Union General John Buford arrived in the town.  Realizing the Southern army was nearby, Buford rushed his cavalry through town to set up defensive positions on the ridges west of Gettysburg.

Buford's choice of "good ground" enabled the Union to prevail on the war's greatest field of battle.

You see Buford mounted with his escort galloping at full speed through the town of Gettysburg.

--Old Secesh

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