Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Some Interesting Facts About the NAACP

From the Free Dictionary.

When double checking on what NAACP stood for, I came across some interesting facts about the organization.

**  It is the largest and oldest Civil Rights organization and based in Baltimore, Maryland.

**  Its main goal is the elimination of racial discrimination.  (Now it seems to be the eradication of all things Confederate.)

**  It grew out of the Springfield, Illinois, race riots of August 1908.  That's right, Abraham Lincoln's hometown and the capital of what is considered a Northern state.  And they had a race riot.  It fought with the Union during the Civil War.  Who'd have figured?

**  It came about because of white people and in its early years its leadership was largely white.

I Sure Wish They Would Get Back to Working Against Racial Discrimination And Leave the Confederacy Thing Alone.  They Have Much Bigger Problems To Deal With.  --Old Secesh

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