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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Civil War II-- 542: Renaming the "Cradle of Liberty" Boston's Historic Faneuil Hall Because of Slavery Connection

From the August 23, 2017, Dubuque (Iowa) Telegraph Herald, "More Confederate memorials under fire" AP.

An advocacy group is calling for renaming Boston's historic Faneuil Hall because its namesake had ties to the slave trade.

The brick meeting house, built in 1742 and nicknamed "The Cradle of Liberty," was where Samuel Adams and other American colonists made some of the earliest speeches urging independence from Britain.

Decades later, Frederick Douglass and other prominent abolitionists also would use the famous stage to call for an end to slavery.

Kevin Peterson, founder of the New Democracy Coalition, days it is time to change the name because it was built and donated to Boston by Peter Faneuil, a wealthy merchant who owned and traded slaves.

For any of you who think they will stop when all the Confederate statues are down... Not Likely.  Any and everything associated with any aspect of slavery will have to go.

Maybe President Trump Knows What He's Talking About With Washington and Jefferson.  --Old Secesh

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