Friday, February 11, 2011

Abe's Yacht?-- USS Yantic

From the September 3, 2010, Abe's Blog Cabin "The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Yacht That Wasn't" by B. Nash.

Some sources have the ship as being Lincoln's yacht, but it is doubtful that the president ever knew anything about it.

It was commissioned into Naval service in August 1864 and participated in the Battle of Fort Fisher and the Battle of Fort Anderson, both in North Carolina. Several sailors were casualties.

After the war, the ship sailed all over the world and during World War I was used as a training ship. In October 1929 it sank alongside a dock in Detroit and today the hull is buried in what is now a Detroit park.

The ship's anchor is in front of the vacant Detroit Naval Armory in that city.

The Remains of a Real Civil War Fort. --B-R'er

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