Saturday, February 12, 2011

USS Yantic-- Part 2

At the First Battle of Fort Fisher, the Yantic;s 100-pdr, Parrott rifle burst, mortally wounding six. The ship's commander pulled the ship out of bombardment line without authorization. It was ordered back and continued.

The next day, December 25, 1864, Christmas Day, the Yantic helped protect the landing of General Butler's troops north of the fort.

At the Second Battle of Fort Fisher, the Yantic provided a landing party for the Naval Column where two men were killed in the assault and one later died from wounds sustained in it.

The next month, the ship also participated inthe attack on Fort Anderson up the Cape Fear River from Fort Fisher.

From 1865 to 1882, the Yantic showed the US colors along the eastern US seaboard, the West Indies, South America and the Far East.

In 1898, the ship was loaned to the Michigan Naval Militia for a training ship until 1917, when it moved to Great Lakes Naval Training Station in Illinois. From 1921 to 1926, the ship operated out of Cleveland.

The ship began showing her age and suddenly sank at dock at the foot of Townsend Avenue in Detroit on Oct. 22, 1929. The hull is buried in a filled-in boatslip in Gabriel Richard Park along the city's river walk.

That's a 65-Year-Long Career. --Old B-Runner

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