Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CSS Neuse II Waterproofs Deck

From the October 26, 2010, ENC Today.

The CSS Neuse II Foundation has coated the 158-foot full-size replica with Hydro Stop, a sealant used on NASA's Crawler, the machine that transports the shuttles to the launching pad. A $9,400 Sea Trac grant and in-kind donations funded it. This new coating is good for ten years.

Since completion of the replica, there have been problems with leaks onthe deck and around the casemate. Builder Alton Stapleford originally covered the deck in fiberglass, but it expands and contracts and spider cracks form.

John Nix, president of the foundation is applying for another grant from Sea Trac to finish a dock on the port side of the ship to allow spectators to view it. They also want matching funds for the $3,400 marker for Stapleford and shipyard landscaping.

They are also looking into the construction of a small building next to the ship to serve as a general store to sell items.

So, That's What a Confederate Ironclad Looks Like. --Old B-Runner

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