Friday, February 25, 2011

That's Part of the Problem-- Part 2

Then, the guy came back up to the bar boasting that his song was "real country." It was a good song, but he wouldn't say who did it. He still wanted it louder.

Liz said that it was already loud enough, to which he replied, "You're a Yankee, aren't you? I don't like Yankees here in my country."

Liz bristled at that. She is proud to be from the north, but doesn't like it when a southerner calls her that in a derisive manner.

And then, here I am a charter member of the Illinois Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and of the first camp to reestablish the Confederation in the state, Camp Douglas, named after the infamous prison that held Confederates in Chicago.

He is probably one of those "idgits" that wave the Confederate flag at blacks which causes us so much of a problem these days.

Not One of My Guys. --Old B-R'er

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