Monday, February 14, 2011

USS Ethan Allen

The USS Ethan Allen, mentioned in the previous post was a sailing bark launched in 1859 and acquired by the US Navy in 1861. It weighed 556 tons, was 153 feet long and had a beam of 35 feet, mounting six 32-pounder cannons with a crew of 90.

It first saw service patrolling the Gulf of Mexico until March of 1863, capturing six blockade-runners and destroying many extensive saltworks along the west coast of Florida.

From June to October 1863, the Ethan Allen cruised off the New England coast watching for Confederate cruisers.

In November, it joined the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron based out of Hilton Head, South Carolina and patrolled the Carolina coast, resulting in the destruction of the Vaught saltworks.

The ship was also used as practice for junior officers before being decommissioned and sold in 1865.

Never Heard of the Ship Before. --Old B-R'er


Phil said...

My wife's great-grandfather John J Lavin served on the US Bark Ethan Allen from 30 Sep 1863 to 19 Oct 1864. While on this ship he was an Ordinary Seaman, Seaman, Boatswain's Mate. I have so far been unable to find any photos or pictures of this bark though have found the complete list of the crew that he served with while on board. Are there any photos and/or paintings of the US Bark Ethan Allen? I would love to add this to my research.
I do have a photo of John though he was elderly (1904) when taken.
Phil Pursley

RoadDog said...

All I know about the Ethan Allen was what I found in Wikipedia, which, unfortunately, did not have a picture of the ship.

You might want to try the Official Records Navy of the War of the Rebellion.