Saturday, February 26, 2011

Across the South, an Enduring Conflict-- Part 3

The organization that I belong to, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, have taken the brunt of attacks from those folks intent on denying us our right to commemorate the sacrifices and bravery of our ancestors who stood up against unbelievable odds to start a new country, much as their forefathers had done back in 1776.

As such, I feel like those who fought for the gray back 150 years ago. It seems that we are under attack on all fronts and compared to some really horrible groups from other episodes of history. Sure, slavery is indefensible by today's standards and was a major anchor preventing the South's full development, not to mention how the rich plantation owners somehow convinced the majority of Southerners who didn't own slaves that secession would be the only answer.

You just have to wonder if there were some other reason they fought.

Wonderin'. --Old B-Runner

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