Saturday, February 12, 2011

USS Yantic-- Part 1

Yesterday, I wrote about this ship supposedly being a presidential yacht for Lincoln, but I have seen no further mention of it being one. However, it led a long and colorful Naval life so I went deeper into it, thanks to Wikipedia.

The ship was built at the Philadelphia Navy Yard and commissioned Aug. 12, 1864. It was classified as gunboat and remained that until reclassified as the IX-32 (auxiliary ship) in 1921. It sank suddenly in 1929 and was struck from Naval rolls on May 9, 1930.

During the Civil War, the 179 foot-long ship had a beam of 30 feet and a crew of 154. Its armament consisted of 1 X 100-pdr. Parrott rifle, a 1 X 30-pdr Parrott rifle, 2 X 9-inch smoorhbore Dahlgren guns, 2 X 24-pdr howitzers and 1X 12-pdr. gun.

One of its first jobs was to search for the elusive Confederate raider CSS Tallahassee off the New England coast, but the Yantic was unsuccessful in it. It then joined the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron and took part in both battles of Fort Fisher.

More to Come. Old B-R'er

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