Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas During the Civil War

From the Dec. 4th Newark (Ohio) Advocate "Christmas was different in the 1860s" by Dan Flemming.

Christmas back 150 years ago was much different from what it is today, but, it was beginning to take on the trappings.

An 1861 newspaper had an advertisement for John Koos's Confectionery in Newark:

"Santa Claus has arrived and left his budget of toys, and a finer display of goods and 'fancy fixin' never lit down in Newark before."

As will be seen by the life-size portrait in Koos's window the old man has a choice supply of wooden, tin and fancy toys for little folks, and since Koos has paid cash for them he intends to sell cheaper than can be bought anywhere in the city.

Attention is also called to the large stock of candy toys manufactured by Koos himself and sold CHEAPER THAN EVER BEFORE, either at wholesale or retail. So let lovers of good things show their good taste in buying their tasty fixins for the holiday at Koos's Confectionery, one door east of the post office."

I'll Discuss the Ad Tomorrow. --Old B-Runner

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