Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Naval Happenings 150 Years Ago: Iron Plates and Flames

Along with "The Trent Affair" this was also going on back in late November 1861.

NOVEMBER 25TH-- The Confederate Navy department accepted a shipment of iron plates for the CSS Virginia under construction at Norfolk Navy Yard. A blockade-runner was captured near North Edisto, SC and the CSS Sumter captured a northern vessel.

In Boston, the San Jacinto's Captain Charles Wilkes was honored at a banquet for capturing Mason and Slidell.

NOVEMBER 27TH-- In the North, a day of Thanksgiving was observed.

Around Port Royal Sound, federal authorities ordered that all crops in the area were to be taken into Union possession. Furthermore, slaves were to be used for the purpose and also to work on military installations.

NOVEMBER 29TH-- Flames were visible all along the coast near Charleston as cotton was burned. The Charleston Mercury opined, "Let the torch be applied wherever the invader pollutes our soil."

That Long Ago. --Old B-Runner

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