Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fort Fisher Attacked 147 Years Ago

Every year, I write about the two battles fought at Fort Fisher at this time.

Today, 147 years ago, the experiment to blow up a US ship full of gunpowder in hopes of knocking down the fort's earthen parapets had happened at 1:40 am in the morning. the fort still stood.

At dawn, the 64-ship Union fleet moves into position to attack the fort., opening at 12:40 pm, in about an hour from now. The navy's five largest frigates ate on hand: Susquehannah, Wabash, Colorado, Powhattan and Minnesota. The Colorado alone mounted more guns than the whole fort.

Eventually, around 10,000 shells fired at Fisher. At dusk, the Union fleet withdraws to positions further out at sea.

The next day, the bombardment continued and troops were landed, but later taken off.

No entry tomorrow because of it being Sunday.

Merry Christmas. --Old B-R'er

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