Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fort Mason, Texas

When Texas seceded in 1861, Robert E. Lee was stationed at Fort Mason in Texas in command of the Second US Cavalry. The fort is located northwest of Austin and San Antonio, built in 1851.

The post has a pre-Civil War connection to the conflict in that some twenty junior and field grade officers were stationed there who went on to become generals during the war including John Bell Hood, Lee, Albert Sidney Johnston, Earl van Dorn, Fitzhugh Lee, Kirby Smith and William J. Hardee on the Confederate side.

Twelve became Union generals including George H. Thomas.

The only remaining structure from Fort Mason is the officers quarters. Many of the homes surrounding the site were built of stone from the fort.

In 1862, the Confederates held 215 prisoners there under the suspicion of being Unionists.

During the course of the war, Indian attacks became more frequent.

Texas' Fort Mason. --Old B-Runner

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