Friday, December 23, 2011

This Week in the War 150 Years Ago: Washington DC Under Blockade

Also, at this time, the Confederacy had a blockade of the nation's capital along the Potomac River. Union vessels still were able to get by it, though according to AP reports Dec. 18th: "Some eight or ten schooners have run the blockade on the Potomac during the past forty-eight hours."

But, "The new batteries which the rebels have recently disclosed, show that it is their intention to make the blockade as effectual as they can."

Before these last several months, I was unaware that the Confederates had a blockade of their own along the Potomac, figuring that Union forces had immediately seized all ground on the south bank of the river.

You always hear of the Union blockade of the Southern coast, but here, the Confederates had their own little blockade going. And, the North had their own blockade-runners.

Stuff I Didn't Know. --Old B-Runner

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