Friday, December 9, 2011

Naval Happenings 150 Years Ago: Hot Time in Old Pensacola


WAY OUT WEST-- Nov. 14th-- US cutter Mary seized Confederate privateer Nova off San Francisco. I had no idea there was action out in California.

HOT TIME IN OLD PENSACOLA-- Nov. 22nd Two days of heavy bombardment began from USS Niagara and USS Richmond and Fort Pickens against Confederate Fort McRee, the Pensacola Navy Yard and the town of Warrenton. Confederate defenses damaged as well as USS Richmond.

Also on the 22nd, the USMC authorized to enlist an additional 500 privates and a proportionate number of officers.

TYBEE SEIZED-- Nov. 24th Landing parties from US ships take possession of Tybee Island, Georgia on the Savannah River. Wrote Flag officer DuPont, "This abandonment of Tybee Island is due to the terror inspired by the bombardment of Forts Walker and Beauregard and is a direct fruit of the victory of the 7th [capture of Port Royal Sound].

GETTING EXPENSIVE-- Nov. 26th Wrote DuPont "The flag is hoisted on the lighthouse and martello tower at Tybee...Shoes are $8 a pair in Charleston. Salt $7 a bushel, no coffee--women going to the interior--[Captain James I.] Lardner has closed the port so effectively that they can no longer get fish even." Well, that might be exaggerating just a bit.

It's a Navy Thing. You Wouldn't Understand. --Old B-Runner

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