Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DC's Congressional Cemetery Has Assassination Involvement

From the 2007 Washington Times "Mother Don't You Know Me?" by Steve Hammond. I also wrote about it 7-5-11, 7-9-11, 7-12-11 and 7-13-11.

Elizabeth Herold died in 1902 and is buried above her brother David Herold's casket. he was one of the Lincoln assassination conspirators who had been originally buried on the grounds of Fort McNair, where he was hanged. In 1869, his family had him exhumed and reinterred at the Congressional Cemetery in an unmarked grave for fear of vandalism.

Seven others at Ford's Theater that night when Lincoln was killed are also buried at the cemetery, including the doorkeeper, usher, two audience members, two orchestra members and one member of the box office staff.

Other people connected to the assassination include a man who was wounded defending Secretary of State Seward from Lewis Powell, the man who rented John Wilkes Booth a horse that night, the owner of the Star Saloon where Booth had a drink before killing Lincoln, a police officer who helped carry Lincoln to the Peterson House, two of the 16 doctors who tended Lincoln and there men involved in the president's embalming and undertaking.

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