Thursday, December 1, 2011

A New Blog Next Year

Right now I'm thinking about launching a new blog off this one at the start of next year.

It will be called "Running the Blockade" and will concentrate on the naval side of the war and Fort Fisher, of course. This would also include any forts built to engage enemy ships and the Wilmington Campaign.

This one will then become a catchall for other Civil War items I find of interest. I expect the new one to be the major one of the two. This one will probably have 10-15 entries each month. The other one around 30.

I was thinking about just changing this one's name to "Running the Blockade" and continue with all things Civil War, but I think a new one is a better idea.

Somebody Talk Me Out of IT!!

One More Bloomin' Time-Consumin' Thing. --Old B-Runner

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