Monday, January 12, 2015

Civil War Springfield, Mass., Nov. 1864- Part 2: A Fight Breaks Out Over the Election

NOV. 1ST--  The Jr. Union Club, too young to vote and supporters of Lincoln had a march "carrying new transparencies" of Lincoln.  Supporters of McClellan cut into the march and carried their own McClellan transparencies.

A fight broke out " and one of the Lincoln boys was badly injured by a rock thrown by the opposition and another youth had his nose broken by a club."

NOV. 3RD--  The Republican newspaper reported that the noon express was late because of the extra cars added carrying 1,410 soldiers home to vote.


Before the election, votes taken at Mr. Foster's Grammar School showed Lincoln with a 61-14 win.

Workers at Smith & Wesson returned a 66-20 victory for Lincoln.

Giant American flags were over the streets with either "Union Party" or"Vote for Mac."

Of Course, Lincoln Won.  --Old Secesh

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