Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Springfield, Mass., November 1864-- Part 3: St. Albans Raid, Battle of Honey Hill, S.C.

NOVEMBER 26, 1864--  The lone victim killed in the October St. Albans Raid was Elinus J. Morrison, a building contractor from Manchester, N.Y..  He had a life insurance policy with Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. in Springfield.  "The company has promptly paid over the money to the family of the deceased, which places them in comfortable circumstances."

One of the wounded was Peter Brace of St. Albans, Vermont, who was a member of the 54th Massachusetts.  He is the great, great Uncle of Ron Brace, who started the Peter Brace Brigade of Civil War Re-enactors, based out of Springfield, Massachusetts.

BATTLE OF HONEY HILL--  Took place in Jaspar County, S.C..  Both the 54th and 55th Massachusetts, both black units, took part in it.  Many of the men were from western Massachusetts.

The entrenched Confederates were victorious.  Union forces lost 89 killed, 629 wounded and 28 captured.  Confederate losses were put at 8 killed and 39 wounded.

--Old Secesh

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