Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sheridan's Report on Battle of Cedar Creek-- Part 2

"At three o'clock in the afternoon, after some charges of the cavalry from the left to right flank, I attacked with great vigor, driving and routing the enemy, capturing, according to the last report, forty-three pieces of artillery and many prisoners.

"I do not know yet the number of casualties or the losses of the enemy.  Wagons, trains,  ambulances and caissons in large numbers are in our hands.  They also burned some of their trains.

"General Ramseur is a prisoner in our hands, severely and perhaps mortally wounded.  I have to regret the loss of Gen. Bidwell, killed and gens. Wright, Grover and Ricketts, wounded.  Wright is slightly wounded.

"Affairs at times looked badly, but by the gallantry of our brave officers and men, disaster has been converted into a splendid victory.  Darkness again intervened to shut off the greater result."

A Big, Come From behind, Victory for the Union.  --Old Secesh

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