Thursday, January 1, 2015

Eighth Year for This Blog

My Saw the Elephant Civil War Blog enters its eighth year today.  I started it back on November 10, 2007, with four posts: CSMC, Happy 232nd Birthday to USMC, Lt. Benjamin H. Porter killed at Fort Fisher and One Small Victory for the Flag.

This blog grew out of my Cooter's History Thing Blog when I saw that so many of my posts in that one were on the Civil War, the reason I got interested in history in the first place.  The Cooter's History Thing Blog grew out of my Down Da Road I Go Blog which was about things I am interested in and what I'm doing.

Since then, I was writing so many posts about Fort Fisher and the Navy during the war, that I decided to spin off my Running the Blockade Civil War Navy Blog.

Posts by Year for this blog:
2007--  55
2008--  375
2009--  464
2010--  492
2011--  532
2012--  286
2013--  373
2014--  465

The name "Saw the Elephant" comes from the Civil War phrase for battle.  You went into battle and saw the elephant.

--Old Secesh

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