Friday, January 9, 2015

The Civil War in Springfield, Massachusetts-- Part 1: October School Problems

From the MassLive site.

I came across this very interesting look back at what was going on in Springfield, Massachusetts month-by-month during the war as reported by the town's Republican newspaper.

  I found it for November, but am going back to October.


Springfield thrived during the war especially with business directed to the Springfield Armory which never did a better business.  However, this business caused many people to move to the city and caused housing shortages as well as overcrowding in the schools.

On October 3rd, 60 children were turned away from the Charles Street School due to overcrowding.  Most of their parents had been taxed to provide schooling and certainly weren't getting their money's worth.

There was a huge increase in population and a resulting increase in crime.

--Old Secesh

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