Monday, January 5, 2015

Georgia's "Gone With the Wind" Trail-- Part 1

From the August 31, 2014, St. Louis Post-Dispatch "marching down Georgia's 'Gone With the Wind' Trail" by Suzanne Corbett.

Last year, 2014, marked the 75th anniversary of what is still considered one of the greatest movies ever made, "Gone With the Wind."  That movie now serves as Georgia's newest tourism trail.

Here are some highlights of it:

MARIETTA--  Kennesaw House Hotel.  Converted into a hospital and, on July 3, 1864, became Union General Sherman's headquarters.  Today it serves as the Marietta Museum of History.

One block away is the Marietta "Gone With the Wind" Museum:Scarlet on the Square which opened in 2003 with all sorts of items related to the movie including her Bengaline honeymoon dress.

--Old Secesh

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