Saturday, January 10, 2015

Springfield, Mass. October 1864-- Part 3: St. Albans Raid Shocks New England

Continuing with news for the month from the town's Republican newspaper.

Among the people moving to Springfield were more Catholics.  Two Catholic churches were under construction.

Springfield and Western Massachusetts was very shocked to read on October 20th of the Confederate raid that had taken place on St. Albans, Vermont, the day before.  Confederates had attacked the town.  Several townspeople were reportedly shot in early reports: two fatally, and there banks robbed of $153,000.  The raiders had then fled back to Canada on 20 stolen horses.

This was the first time that the war had come to New England.

The next day, Oct. 21, it was reported that ten of te raisers had been captured by authorities in Canada and that only one St. Albans resident had died.

--Old Secesh

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