Wednesday, April 1, 2015

150th Anniversary of the SS General Lyon Disaster

I wrote about it yesterday, but its anniversary slipped my mind, so I am commemorating it today.  I have many Yahoo and Google alerts to the Civil War and saw no mention of it anywhere.  So, I am guessing the largely forgotten disaster is still being forgotten and overlooked.

But, not here.

To the Poor Souls Aboard the SS Lyon Who Died 150 Years Ago yesterday.

--Old Secesh


MajGenl.Meade said...

Still timely. I'd like to share an essay I wrote yesterday with you. See if this works if you like:

RoadDog said...

I was unable to get it to come up.

RoadDog said...

I was able to read it. I am glad someone was able to mark the anniversary on its correct day.

I have certainly gone from someone who didn't know anything about the General Lyon to someone who knows more than most, but obviously not as much as you.

Keep up the great work.

This is definitely a story in need of print.

MajGenl.Meade said...

Sadly I noted several errors in the copy I posted at the Record Courier - typing 2510 instead of 2015 (!) and some other finger slips. But I'm glad you got to read it. Keep blogging! There are things out there I've not found. The more the merrier!

RoadDog said...

And, I sure make a lot of typos myself. I'm always amazed by how stupid they are, but as a two-finger typist, sometimes one finger gets ahead of another or glances off a key.

I'd probably check closer, but I have the seven blogs which takes a lot of time.

Well, that's my story, anyway.