Saturday, April 4, 2015

"Life and Limb" and " Seeing the Elephant" On Display at Kenosha Civil War Museum

From the April 3, 2015, Kenosha (Wis) News.

At Kenosha's Civil War Museum there are two exhibits worth checking out soon.

"LIFE AND LIMB-- THE TOLL OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR"  Explores the experiences of disabled Civil War veterans.  The exhibit runs through April 25th.  A photograph accompanies the article of five Union soldiers missing legs.

"SEEING THE ELEPHANT"--  A ten-minute, 360 degree movie-- in the "Fiery Trial" exhibit.

The Civil War Museum is at 5400 First Avenue in Kenosha, Wisconsin and is open seven days a week.  Admission charged.

Not Too far.  Reckon I'll Go.  After All, I Saw the Elephant.  --Old Secesh

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