Friday, April 3, 2015

Following the 150th Anniversary of Stoneman's Raid-- Part 2

This raid visited Salisbury, N.C., and there alone destroyed 10,000 weapons, a million rounds of ammunition, 17,000 uniforms, 250,000 blankets and some 200 tons of food and goods intended for the Confederate government.

Until this raid, George Stoneman's military career had been largely one of failure.  On two previous raids, he had been a failure.  The first was at Chancellorsville in 1863, then there was another one to liberate Union prisoners from the Andersonville prison camp.  Stoneman was captured on this one.

There are some who believe that the raid this late in the war and with the Confederacy already in its death throes was unnecessary and much more destructive than it needed to be., however, it can be considered as a major detriment to keeping Lee from escaping Grant via the mountains and kept badly needed supplies from General Johnston's Army in North Carolina.

On April 12, 1865, Stoneman attacked Salisbury.  The raid lasted into may when some of Stoneman's cavalry units captured President Jefferson Davis in Georgia.

--Old Secesh

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