Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Chicago Tribune Reports the End of the War-- Part 1

From the April 5, 2015, Chicago Tribune "Chicago Flashback "The Civil War Ends" by Stephan Benzkofer.

"By the spring of 1865, the outcome of the bloody Civil War was no longer in doubt, and the Tribune claimed the end of the rebellion was nigh."  But, Lee still had his army and there was a southern army still in the field in North Carolina.

The fall of Charleston, S.C., and Wilmington, N.C., along with victories by Sheridan and Sherman in March made that end closer.  Plus, Grant was getting ready to launch his overpowering spring attack on the hard-pressed Confederates at Petersburg.

On march 23, the Tribune editors wrote, "Upon the events of the next few days hangs the fate of the rebellion.  Sherman and Grant, like the opposing jaws of a terrible vise, are nearing one another, and in between them the pressure upon the startled and disheartened rebels is something they have not before experienced...."

--Old Secesh

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