Friday, April 3, 2015

Lincoln Assassinated on Good Friday, 1865

From the Stoneman Gazette.

Good Friday this year falls on April 3rd, but back in 1865, it was on April 14th.  That was the night President Lincoln was assassinated.  I never knew that before today.

Tom Layton reprinted  the April 14, 2006, New York Times article by Richard Wight "The President Who Died For Us."

"Good Friday-- the day commemorating Christ's Crucifixion, falls on April 14 in 2006, as it did in 1865.  On that evening, in the balcony of Ford's Theater in Washington, John Wilkes Booth fired a homemade .41 caliber derringer ball into the back of Abraham Lincoln's head."

Something I Did Not Know.

The Worst Thing That Could Have happened to the South at the Time.  --Old Secesh

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