Thursday, October 13, 2016

7th Connecticut Infantry: American Revolution and Civil War Regiment

I have been doing research into the 7th Connecticut Infantry in my Not So Forgotten War of 1812 blog.   This was a regiment that fought in the American Revolution.

 This started as I was looking for the service of the War of 1812's Major General Amos Hall who was in it as was his father, Stephen Hall, who commanded a company.  I also found out that Nathan Hale was an officer in the unit before he became George Washington's spy and you're probably familiar with what happened to him.

While researching it, I found that Wikipedia also had a 7th Connecticut fighting during the Civil War.  And, it was at the second Battle of Fort Fisher, which is right up my line of interest.

I'll write more about this unit in my Running the Blockade Civil War Naval blog.

--Old Secesh

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