Monday, October 3, 2016

Hainesville Civil War Encampment & Battle-- Part 3: Strange Driving Attire

Prairieview School serves elementary students in Hainesville and Grayslake and is a pretty one, done up with Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie architecture.  Sadly, when I got there, I counted only about ten cars in the parking lot, but some Police Explorers eagerly directing traffic.

I was directed, parked and then walked over to an area where a sign said there was shuttle bus pickup and drop off.  I had a 15 minute wait.  How far away was the encampment, anyway.  One reason I am glad we moved farther out when we left Round Lake Beach and moved to Spring Grove is traffic.  The whole time I was waiting there was a continuous line of cars driving west and mostly stopped on Illinois Highway 120.

And this was on a Saturday, not even a weekday rush hour.

A few more cars pulled in while I was waiting.  One of them had a lady driving with all sorts of pink material all over her body, bunched up and looking mighty strange.  I was wondering about her and then saw why.  She was wearing one of those hoop skirts.  She walked over by me and I inquired if it was hard to drive a car in a hoop skirt.  She assured me that it was.

--Old Secesh

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