Friday, October 14, 2016

Hainesville's Civil War Encampment-- Part 4: Elijah Haines

SEPTEMBER 10, 2016

I also saw a person portraying the founder of Hainesville (and namesake), Elijah Haines.  Born 1822 died 1889.  Elijah Haines came to Lake County in 1838.  Much of the village's land once belonged to him and Hainesville might have become even a bigger town, except nearby Round Lake got the train station when the railroads came through.

I was unable to find out what Mr. Haines did during the Civil War, but he likely was too old to serve as he would have been 39 years old when it started.

When the actor spoke, I knew I had heard that voice before.  But, wearing a beard, as Elijah had, the face wasn't too clear until I got closer.  It was my good friend and fellow teacher Bob who used to teach U.S. History to 8th graders at Magee Middle School.

I had a nice time visiting with him as we have lost touch.  He is also retired and big-time into acting.  Every year he plays the role of the king in exile at the nearby Renaissance Faire just over the border in Wisconsin.

We've agreed to get together for a Civil War Round Table meeting as some future date.

--Old Secesh

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