Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hainesville's Civil War Encampment & Battle-- Part 1: Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Were There

This was a first time for it in the Village of Hainesville in Lake County, Illinois.  And held September 10-11, 2016, hosted by the Northbrook Sports Club.

They had free admission and parking at nearby Prairieview School with a shuttle bus.

I had only found out about it just the Thursday before it.

They had perhaps 20 re-enactors on each side as well as many presenters including President and Mrs. Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, General Grant and Elijah Haines.  Elijah Haines was the founder of Hainesville. President Lincoln and wife were portrayed by Max and Donna Daniel.  They are quite popular for their portrayal of the famous couple in this area (northeast Illinois), but sadly I have heard that they will be "retiring" at the end of this year.

--Old Secesh

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