Friday, October 28, 2016

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 369: Rise in Black Tourism in S.C. Because of Flag Removal.

Google Alerts from October 1 and 4, 2016, for Confederate.

**  Texas State Quietly Removes Confederate Monument.  (Loss)  It was of Jefferson Davis and had been on campus for 85-years.  Hey, doesn't the school owe a million bucks to the USC and SCV?

Remove a Confederate Monument and you should pay for destroying our heritage.  Million bucks a pop.

**  Rise in S.C. tourism among African-Americans following Confederate Flag removal.  That would be the flag taken down last year.

I'd have been just as happy if they stayed away.  Remember, the state was the first to secede and did have you-know-whats.  If the flag offended them so much, surely these things should as well.

--Old Secesh

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