Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hainesville, Illinois, Civil War Encampment-- Part 4: "Hurry Up, We've Got a War to Get To"

The lady who drove in who was wearing a hoop skirt said she played a civilian, no one in particular, just an average woman of the war.  While waiting for the bus to pick us up I suggested that with that hoop skirt and parasol she had, she could perhaps Mary Poppins it to the encampment site.

The bus seemed to take a real long time to come back to get us.  "Hurry up, we've got a war to get to!!"

It finally came and we were on out way over a road that would have been right at home during the war.  It was a very bumpy ride.

We saw General Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln and Elijah Haines for whom the Village of Hainesville was named.  Mr. and Mrs Lincoln were Max and Donna Daniel, probably the best Abraham and Mary Lincoln actors anywhere in the Midwest.  Sadly, they have already announced that they will be "retiring" from performing them after this year.  I've seen then on several occasions and they sure do a great job.  He even has quite the sense of comedy as did the real Lincoln.


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