Wednesday, July 5, 2017

And, Meanwhile in Chicago... Murders and Shootings Continue

From the July 5, 2017, Hey Jackass, Chicago Mayhem and Murder site.

JULY TO DATE:   5 killed, 49 wounded.

JUNE TOTALS:   77 killed 323 wounded.

SO FAR IN 2017:   319 killed, 1509 wounded.

These are mostly Blacks killing other Blacks.

In Chicago, a person is shot every 2:26 hours and a person murdered every 12:55 hours.

The Deadliest 'hoods are Black.

And yet they get all hot and bothered about anything Confederate which offends them.  I'd think your people killing each other would be the bigger issue.

And, not  one Confederate flag, statue, monument or memorial is suspected in any of the shootings and murders.

The nine murders in Charleston a couple years ago really got them mad and resolved to eradicate anything connected with the Confederacy.  Evidently 319, mostly Black, murders so far this year doesn't mean as much since they weren't done by white racists.

Makes You Wonder About Black Priorities.  --Old Secesh

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