Monday, July 3, 2017

Top Ten Black Slaveowners-- Part 1: Yes, There Were Black Slaveowners in the South Before the War!!

From the June 6, 2017, Listverse by Aubrey Henderson.

These are two words you'd never think you'd see together:  Black and Slaveowners.  How could this be?  Especially considering how much hatred we see these days from the black folks about THAT country whose ONLY reason for being was to keep their ancestors in slavery.  You know, the CONFEDERACY.

But,there were some black people who not only participated in the slave trade, but also profited from it.

Some of them were even considered slave  magnates, owning 50+ slaves.

Imagine, a Black owning another Black.

How  could that be?   Wouldn't you think they would know better?

If all things connected with the Confederacy need to be eliminated, then what should we do about all things connected with Blacks.  One group punished for something, only fair that all be punished.

Next, I will give you Ms. Henderson's Top Ten.

Well, What Gives Here?  --Old Secesh

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