Thursday, July 20, 2017

Civil War II-- 511: KKK Not Who We Want Supporting Us

From the Google Alerts for Confederate for July 8, 2017.

**  KKK protesters 'will be armed' when they protest in support of Confederate statue.  (Charlottesville, Va.)  (Loss)  Virginia is an open carry state, but a headline like this is bound to bring out the other side's idiots.  There won't be enough room for two sets of idiots at the protest.

Let's see, KKK and "will be armed."  Sure makes us look bad.

And, I sure hate to see the KKK word mixed up with our defense of the statues and flag.

Like I said before, both sides have plenty of idiots.

**  Confederate Flag will -temporarily-fly again at South Carolina Statehouse on Monday.  (Columbia)  (Win)  The South Carolina Secessionist Party will fly it.

Hey, That's My Name.  Copy Cats!!

--Old Secesh

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