Friday, July 7, 2017

The Next Post Will Be Civil War II's #500 for This New Round of Attacks on the Confederacy

And, that dates from the Charleston murders on June 17, 2015.

And, those attacks were getting more abusive and regular leading up to the murders.  What really started the attacks was the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War back 2011-2015.  What I figured to be a more immersive period of time, and one that would be a lot better in that I was just age 10-14 back when we had the Centennial back in 1961-1965, did not come to pass.

But, then came Charleston.

The avalanche of Confederate hatred does not diminish from then on.  At first Blacks and their white minions went after Confederate Flags and I though that was bad enough.  But now the targets are statues, monuments and memorials to the Confederacy.  This takes it a whole lot more painful.

And, I really hate spending all this time writing about it.  I would much rather be doing research and digging deep into the Civil War than this.

But, as long as it continues, I will continue in my defense of them.

At first I called the anti-Confederate attacks, Heritage Attacks.  These blog entries are not numbered.  Then, after Charleston it became The Confederacy Under Attack and I started numbering them.  For a week I called it CUA, short for Confederacy Under Attack, but that wasn't very clear.

Now I call it Civil War II.  Just as the Confederacy was under attack in the First Civil War, we are surely under attack now.

I sure wish we could reach some kind of a compromise on the issue, but I think it will continue until we have the Black Final Solution to the Confederacy.

--Old Secesh

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