Thursday, July 20, 2017

Confederate Statues Unmoved in Richmond-- Part 4: Two Different Sides

Not everyone is happy about the mayor's decision.

Phil Wilayto hates the sic Confederate monuments, saying they are "a virtual shrine to the slavery defending Confederacy."  I guess that means the majority of the Confederate soldiers who did not even own a slave, were fighting to defend the rich folks' owning of slaves.

Frank Earnest, heritage defense coordinator of the Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans said his group would likely challenge any new signage, which he said would amount to "defacing" the monuments.

The issue has even gotten into the state politics.  In the June 13 GOP primary for Virginia governor, Corey Stewart who has made the state's preservation of the monuments his rallying cry, narrowly lost to Ed Gillespie, a far-better-funded rival.

--Old Secesh

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