Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Is There Room in Arlington National Cemetery and In Our Memories for Confederate Soldiers?-- Part 1

From, the June 26, 2017, Dallas News.

I have written extensively about these Confederates buried in Arlington National Cemetery in earlier blogs.  Just click on the Arlington National Cemetery label.

By Dan K. Thomasson.

This is an interesting article and you should go read the whole thing.

Arlington National Cemetery is running out of room.  They expect to be completely out of room near 2050.

Then, there is Section 16 in it which is set aside for Confederates.  "With today's full-out mania to wipe away visible Civil War history," it is surprising that they would be allowed to remain.

But one reason they are still there is that most Americans do not know 482 Confederates "are taking up room in this hallowed ground."

These Confederates have government-provided gravestones which come to a point at the top, to keep Confederate-haters from sitting on them, according to stories, but actually to distinguish these from the rounded tops of Union veterans.

I Like the "Full-Out Mania To Wipe Away Civil War History" Quote.  It Sure Is.   --Old Secesh

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