Friday, July 21, 2017

I'd Much Rather Be Doing This One On the Discovery of Col. Shaw's Sword, 54th Massachusetts

I would much rather be doing entries on the Civil War, the original Civil War, not the new one. I call Civil War II.  As long as these horrible attacks continue on my heritage, I will continue to defend.

From the July 13, 2017, CBS News, Boston  "Civil War Colonel Robert Gould Shaw's long-lost sword found in attic."

He was the commanding officer of the Union's first all-black regiment, the 54th Massachusetts, and his sword has been given by his descendants to the Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston.  There is a famous statue of Shaw and the 54th in front of the Massachusetts State House.

In 1863, he led the 54th in a valiant, but futile, attack on the Confederate Fort Wagner guarding Charleston, South Carolina in an exploit made famous by the 1989 critically acclaimed movie "Glory."  He was killed in action and his sword stolen.

It was recently discovered in a Boston North Shore family attic by Mary Minturn Wood and her brother, descendants of Shaw's sister Susannah.  When they saw the initials "RGS" engraved on the sword, they knew it was his and they decided to gift it  to the historical society even though they could have made a lot of money at auction.

The sword went on display at the Massachusetts Historical Society on  Tuesday, the 18th of July.

More Power to the Family for Gifting It Instead of Selling It At Auction.  --Old Secesh

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